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{Wikipedia} Valemount is a village municipality of 1,018 people in east central British Columbia, Canada, located 320 kilometres (200 mi) from Kamloops, British Columbia. It is situated between the RockyMonashee, and Cariboo Mountains. It is the nearest community to the west of Jasper National Park, and is also the nearest community to Mount Robson Provincial Park, which features Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Outdoor recreation is popular in summer and winter—hikingskiingsnowmobiling, cross country skiing, mountain biking and horseback riding are common activities. Valemount is one of 14 designated Resort Municipalities in British Columbia.

The naming of Valemount was a voluntary act carried out by some railroad workers. The naming of Valemount is well described in an article published in 1977 celebrating 50 years of Valemount: “Kushnir, a young fellow employed by the C.N.R., was again called upon to pick up his bag and walk, so to speak, as a new location had been picked for the station. The move was soon accomplished but engineers, brakies and men of the ‘road’ were reluctant to keep Swift Creek as the name for the station with the result that a few thoughtful hours were spent by many thinking of a new name.

Noticing that the area was actually a valley between mountains, the word Valemount was passed along as the name for our village and so it came to pass that Bergoyne one of many suggested names was cast aside and Valley in the Mountains shortened to Valemount became the passenger stop and to date still is.” [Canoe Mountain Echo, Valemount reaches its 50th year, Oct 19, 1977]

There is also a quote in the Yellowhead Pass and its People book (Page 201): “Valemount, this name, for the vale amid the mountains was coined for the C.N.R. station moved here in 1927.”

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