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BCRHN – Report on the Policy Discussion between the BC Rural Health Network and the BC Ministry of Health – June 21, 2018
pdf BCRHN Report to the MoH on CHC policy development 

BCRHN – Report on the Health Sciences Association Conference, April 2018

Centre for Rural Health Research – Patients Travelling From Urban Geographies To Rural Hospitals For Procedural Care: A Realist Consideration

CFPP (College of Family Physicians of Canada) and SRPC (Society of Rural Physicians of Canada) : The Canadian Collaborative Taskforce in 2014.

Cohen/Longhurst – The importance of community health centres in BC’s primary care reforms: What the research tells us.

Health Sciences Association –

Delivery models of rural surgical services in BC (1996-2005) – are general practitioner-surgeons still part of the picture (Humber and Frecker 2008)

Humphreys et al 2002
Workforce retention in rural and remote Australia – determining factors that influence length of practice (Humphreys et al 2002)

Rural Coordination Centre of BC works on behalf of the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC), an entity that advises the BC government and the Doctors of BC (formerly the BCMA) on matters pertaining to rural medical practice.

Rural Evidence Review: Patients Travelling From Urban Geographies To Rural Hospitals For Procedural Care:A Realist Consideration – 2018

Rural Evidence Review – UBC/Centre for Rural Health Research/Department of Family Practice. Local Evidence for Health Planning through a Rural Lens.

Rural Evidence Review – Executive Summary Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining health Care Providers to Rural and Remote Areas

Rural Evidence Review – International evidence, exploring community-level factors and strategies to facilitate and improve the recruitment and retention of health care providers to rural and remote areas. Conducted through the Rural Evidence Review project. Community-Level Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Health Care Providers to Rural and Remote Areas: A Scoping Review – December 2018

Rural Evidence Review – Patients Travelling From Urban Geographies To Rural Hospitals For Procedural Care: A Realist Consideration

Rural Evidence Review Project/Centre for Rural Health Research
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Rush, K.L., Chiasson, M., Butterfield, M., Straka, S., Buckley, B.J. (2019). Recognition: Key to the Entrepreneurial Activities of Rural Coalitions in Advancing Access to Healthcare.  International Journal for Equity in Health, 18, Article number: 119.
Note: It was at this meeting that a suggestion was made to have the participants in the research project form a network.

Seniors Advocate – Residential Care Facilities – Report

Seniors Advocate – Quick Facts Report 2018

Seniors Advocate – Residential Care Survey

Thommasen, 2000 – Physician retention and recruitment outside urban BC

UBC Rural Evidence Review aims to identify highest-priority health needs in rural BC communities

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