East Shore Kootenay Lake

East Shore Kootenay Lake Community Health Society (ESKLCHS)

Tom Wishart              President       tom.wishart@usask.ca       250 – 223 – 8455
Karen Lee                 Treasurer       klee@telus.net                   250 – 223 – 8686
Margaret Crossley     Secretary      mfocrossley@gmail.com    250 – 223 – 8455

ESKLCHS was created almost 30 years to support a private medical clinic in Riondel.  Following the closure of that clinic and the creation of an Interior Health Medical Clinic in Crawford Bay, the Society morphed into a community Health organization with the objective of supporting healthy living of East Shore residents along South Kooteneay Lake—which had become, in the main, a collection of retirement communities spread along approximately 70 kilometres of the lake.  In addition to aiding the Crawford Bay Medical Clinic, ESKLCHS has worked to establish a local Better at Home program, fostered intergenerational developments, and offers Focus On Health workshops in Boswell which promote disease prevention and health promotion.

ESKLCHS represents  the following communities:
Riondel, Crawford Bay, Kootenay Bay, Gray Creek, Boswell, Sanca, Sirdar, Kuskanook, Twin Bays