Patient Engagement: Creating Meaningful Roles for Patients in Health Care Improvement

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March 11, 2020
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $100

Meaningfully engaging with patients and their caregivers can transform care. In this interactive workshop, you will learn advanced skills in conducting patient engagement that leads to person-centred changes in health care practice, service delivery and outcomes. This workshop will focus on providing an applied learning approach that will draw on real case studies throughout the province.

By the end of this day, participants will be able to:
• Define and describe the fundamental principles for authentic patient engagement in health care improvement.
• Identify a clear and meaningful role for patients within improvement initiatives.
• Explore how to prepare cross-portfolio stakeholder teams to successfully partner with patients.
• Identify and apply strategies for managing common challenges and risks to effective patient engagement.
• Health care partners leading collaborative engagement initiatives• Patient partners with interest and experience in engaging in collaborative work, and who want to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of health care partners in attendance.