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“She lied, she cheated, and she rebelled. She was one of my favorite people – this mess of a woman was one of the most resilient and authentic humans I have ever met.”

….She is a person I have met in all areas of nursing that I have worked, she is the story of thousands – I knew her like the back of my hand, she was the female I created out of hundreds of pieces of data, thousands of clicks on the keyboard that painted a fragmented, systemically oppressed woman.”

A Princeton nurse writes a blog that is worthy of being read by everyone. Often we do not think about the trauma our healthcare professionals encounter on the job. Trauma that usually has to be dealt with privately and that a person will have to carry around. Probably the main reason I could never do this kind of a job.

Click on: The Renegate RN – How to be trauma informed in your practice


Dr. Nadia Alam: “I can and I will. Watch me”

Dr. Nadia Alam – healthcare from the perspective of a small town family physician in Ontario.

We know what Ontario healthcare needs to fix healthcare. Will our next Premier act?

Denial has trapped Ontario Healthcare in a cycle of constant crisis


A very poignant blog from a nurse in one of our members’ rural towns. A must read for other healthcare professionals, politicians, Health Authorities and patients.
Click on: The Renegate RN

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10 Challenges and Benefits of being a Rural Nurse
Five Reasons Rural Nursing is a Forgotten Speciality
Working Through Loss
7 Steps for Incorporating Social Justice into your Practice: What Every Rural Nurse Needs to Know


Dr. Oelke is an Advisory Committee member for the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC ( and currently in Orange, Australia doing work at the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health. Click here to access the blog Nelly Oelke in Orange, Australia