Wellness Health Action Coalition (WHAC)

Sheila Corneillie            President               

“To facilitate the development and sustainability of an effective wellness and health care model for our region while respecting and protecting community identities.”

The Wellness & Health Action Coalition (WHAC) is a group of citizens who are committed to redesigning rural health care from the community up. The group was established in 2014, and to achieve our objectives we work in partnership with the villages of Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Clinton, TNRD Areas I and E, the Western Interior Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice, Interior Health, the Ministry of Health and UBC Okanagan.

Key Objectives

  • To create a community-based primary care clinic fully staffed with an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals to ensure continuity of care for all patients.
  • To secure funding to create a demonstration project for primary care for our greater catchment area.
  • To create a Community Health Board to work with our medical director, Rural and Remote Divisions of Family Practice, Interior Health and our primary care team to develop and deliver health services for our catchment area, and to ensure rural emphasis on health care needs and services.
  • To create an ongoing recruitment and retention strategy to ensure a fully-staffed primary care team, including doctors, nurses, lab and imaging technologists, emergency responders and others required to maintain our primary care model.

Local News Now
May 24, 2019

Colton Davies
June 14, 2019 11:07 am
Adrian Dix says he wants to hear from people there about healthcare service shortfalls.
B.C.’s Minister of Health says he plans to visit the Ashcroft Hospital this summer to hear about some of the issues it is facing.

“It’s a full on effort, both in the short term with the recruitment being really critically important for Ashcroft and communities around the region. It’s also important in the long term, I think increasingly we’re working to train people in the Interior. We believe that training more people in the Interior will lead to more people working in the Interior. We’ve got to make decisions now that make this problem better in the future.”
The emergency room in the Ashcroft Hospital only has enough staff to be open on weekends, and in the past 12 months it has seen repeated overnight closures because of limited staffing.